Press & Media

Press & Publications

2024  -The life of colors- exhibit book, Praxis Photo Arts Center. March.

2023  Press folder –Venice Experimental Video and Performing Art Festival– May.

2023  Visions of sound- LoosenArt Exhibition catalog, LoosenArt Gallery, Roma. March.

2022  –The Portrait– Exhibition catalog, Praxis Photo Arts Center. July.

2021  -Stories: narrative photography- PH21 Gallery Exhibition Catalog.

21/12/10 : Radio and TV interview with Evelaine Fontana. France 3 ViaStella & RCFM. Interview

21/12/04 :  Radio interview with Valérie Franceschetti. France Bleu RCFM.      

2021 August-Musée Lazaret Ollandini exhibition. Ajaccio Culture advertisement.

2020  Interview with Sandra Alfonsi in ARIA , the Air Corsica Inflight Magazine, Issue 303, July 2020

2020  Public Art Gallery. WaterAid UK. Art Of Change. August. 

2019  –Mannequins and Puppets– Exhibition catalog, November.

2019  Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize 2019. Exhibition catalog, July.

2019  Not Random Art – The Contemporary art review – Issue 08, June 2019, page 48 to 56

Radio & TV

2021/12/10: Radio & TV Interview with Evelaine Fontana. France 3 ViaStella & RCFM, Interview

2021/12/04: Radio interview with Valérie Franceschetti.France Bleu RCFM.