July 2022
Praxis Photo Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA, -The Portrait-, a curated international photography exhibition juried by Sandra Chen Weinstein.

July 2022
Duo exhibition with Nathalie Lescop, embroidery artist, Galerie éphémère, Ajaccio, France.

April 2022
PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary -Silence-, a curated international photography exhibition https://www.ph21gallery.com/

February 2022
Experimental films screening curated by the Millennium Film Workshop Channel.

January/February 2022
ARTSY online group show, « The mood of winter », with the Shockboxx Gallery. https://www.artsy.net/partner/shockboxx-1/artists/lena-piani

December 2021
Le Cercle galerie, group exhibition, Ajaccio, France.

November 2021
SiteBrookyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA, -Face to face: Portraits-, online international group exhibition. https://www.sitebrooklyn.com/

Nov. 27. https://khloaris.com/ https://www.ourwickedlady.com/calendar

Our Wicked Lady, Brooklyn, NY, USA, -An Evening of New Punk Psychotronic Cinema-, films and videos screening organized by the Khloaris Film Production.

October 2021
Corsica Doc. Festival, Ajaccio, France, « Réel », Video installation, group exhibition with l’Etrange Atelier, Ellipse Cinéma. https://www.corsicadoc.fr/ https://fr-fr.facebook.com/LetrangeAtelier/photos/a.495667477204247/4071638546273771/

PH21 Gallery with Kromart Gallery, Rome, Italy, -Shape-Rome-, a curated international photography exhibition. https://www.ph21gallery.com/shape-rome-21

Oct-Dec. 2021 https://peterburg.center/event/mezhdunarodnyy-festival-nezavisimogo-video-arta-mustsee-2021.html

Sevcable Port, Saint Peterbourg, Russia, -Independentart Fest-, a curated international video art exhibition. https://sevcableport.ru/en

Festival Arte Mare, Bastia, a curated group show, with the Noir et blanc gallery. http://www.arte-mare.corsica/

September 2021
PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, -Portraits without faces-, a curated international photography exhibition. https://www.ph21gallery.com/without-faces-21

Videos Show, Cristal Open Air, Aarschot, Belgium, with the LESSAUTRE band. https://www.cristalopenair.be/en

August 2021
Experimental video show, Italy, -Together Performances- with http://www.movimentoartisticoepigenetica.com/

PH21 Gallery, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, a curated international photography exhibition. https://www.ph21gallery.com/the-art-of-photography-barcelona-21-aug

Solo exhibition, Lazaret Ollandini, Musée Marc Petit, sous la direction de la culture de la ville d’Ajaccio, Corsica, France.

June 2021
Loosenart, Contemporary visual art mag and gallery, at Millepiani space, Roma, Italy, International group exhibition -Language-

May-June 2021
Artfluent Gallery, Boston, MA, USA, International online group show -ConTEXT-

May 2021
PH21 Gallery, Budapest / Hungary, a curated international photography exhibition -Stories: Narrative Photography-

March – April 2021
Shockboxx Project Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA, An all female group exhibition -Hot Damn-

March 2021
Site:Brooklyn Gallery, New York / COMPLET photograph selected for online international group exhibition -Photography A Sense of Place-

January – March 2021
Casa di Giotto, Florence, Italy, Winners’ Exhibition of the Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize 2019 www.mcartprize.org & www.portacoeli.it

November – December 2020
JAG Gallery, Key West, Florida, USA, -I believe in science & J’entends-, photographs selected for -Cell Phone Art Exhibit-, a curated international art exhibition.

November – December 2020
PH21 Gallery, Budapest / Hungary, -Complémentaires & Plus Près-, photographs selected for -Significant Colour-, a curated international photography exhibition.

November 2020

Shockboxx Project, Hermosa Beach, California, USA, -LIBRE-, photograph selected for -Minimalism-, a cutared international art exhibition.

October – November 2020
PH21 Gallery, Budapest / Hungary, -Echo 2 & Echo 3-, photographs selected for -Motion-, a curated international photography exhibition.

August – September 2020
PH21 Gallery, Budapest / Hungary, -I was about to write 1 & 2-, photographs selected for -Monochrome-, a curated international photography exhibition.

June 2020
PH21 Gallery, Budapest / Meli-Melo, photograph selected for -Imagination-, International Group Exhibition

March 2020

PH21 Gallery, Budapest / Luxuriant and Luxuriant Ladies, photographs selected for -CorpoRealities-, International Group Exhibition

January 2020
PH21 Gallery, Budapest / Maman ?, photographs selected for the -The self(ie) and the other: Portraiture a curated international photography exhibition

December 2019
Site:Brooklyn Gallery, New York / I was about to write & LIBRE selected for Green international group exhibition

December 7th, 2019
Projection of shorts films in -2019 Special screening- at Hijack! 18 Bleecker Street, New York City

November 2019
PH21 Gallery, Budapest / This is not a story & Not quite sure, photographs selected for the -Staged international group exhibition

Site:Brooklyn Gallery, New York / Point of View selected for Monochrome international group exhibition

LoosenArt Mag/Gallery / Millepiani Exhibition Space, Roma / Dora selected for the Mannequins and Puppets international group exhibition

September-October 2019
PH21 Gallery, Budapest / The Day Before, photograph selected for the -Scapes international group exhibition

August-September 2019
PH21 Gallery, Budapest / Waiting, photograph selected for the CorpoRealities international group exhibition

July 2019
Lagopesole Castel, Italy / Participation to the mediterranean contemporary art prize, international group exhibition, created and organized by the Porta Coeli Foundation

June 2019
Contemporary Art Gallery Online – Water/Seascape Theme group exhibition

March 2007

Scenography of the exhibition of the models of Hector Guimard Professional High School students, Paris XIX, and animation of a writing workshop within On the footsteps of Le Corbusier, creation around the Radiant City, theatrical performance and exhibition at the Auditorium of the City of Architecture and Heritage, Palais de Chaillot, Paris, XVI.

February 2006

Exhibition Gray matter, design, production and scenography of the installation (circular accumulation of metal objects of 4 meters radius), in duet with Jean-Marie Pigeon, Commines Area, Paris XI.


Solo exhibitions of light installations, Showroom by Marielle Thiebaud, Paris III.