Installation art

Each red nose, « red as fire, spherical as earth, airy as a bubble », « the smallest mask in the world » (Jacques Lecoq in Le Théâtre du Geste, 1987) is a drop of blood, the imprint of repeated violence.
The nose is also the seat of anger.
As the spectator approaches, he places himself at the centre of the focus, questioned by both the lightness of the object and the seriousness of the subject.

Circular copper-coloured steel wire, 73 foam clown noses, nylon thread.

-La Rive ou l’Infini-

What do I do with the horizon I’m looking at? Is it the shore or infinity?

The volume of lived space, the aerial cartography of a tumultuous interior landscape, where the elements mingle. The materialization of an abstract territory that drifts in this dreamed spatiality.
Foam, wave, shore, cloud, storm, fire, the red tip of the accident that creates history.

White synthetic wadding, iron mesh, white and red LED string lights.

« Devant l’eau profonde, tu choisis ta vision ; tu peux voir à ton gré le fond immobile ou le courant, la rive ou l’infini ; tu as le droit ambigu de voir et de ne pas voir ; tu as le droit de vivre avec le batelier ou de vivre avec « une race nouvelle de fées laborieuses, douées d’un goût parfait, magnifiques et minutieuses ». La fée des eaux, gardienne du mirage, tient tous les oiseaux du ciel dans sa main. Une flaque contient un univers. Un instant de rêve contient une âme entière. »

L’eau et les rêves — Essai sur l’imagination de la matière (1941), Gaston Bachelard.

         « In front of the deep water, you choose your vision; you can see the motionless bottom or the current, the shore or the infinite ; you have the ambiguous right to see or not to see ; you have the right to live with the boatman or to live with « a new race of hard-working fairies, gifted with perfect taste, magnificent and meticulous ». The water fairy, guardian of the mirage, holds all the birds of the sky in her hand.
A puddle contains a universe.
A moment of dreaming contains an entire soul.

Synthetic wadding, iron mesh, LED lights. 3,50m x 1,60m.